The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System, Second Edition
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FreeBSD/Linux Kernel Cross Reference

Version: -  FREEBSD  -  FREEBSD-13-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-13-0  -  FREEBSD-12-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-12-0  -  FREEBSD-11-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-11-0  -  FREEBSD-10-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-10-0  -  FREEBSD-9-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-9-0  -  FREEBSD-8-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-8-0  -  FREEBSD-7-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-7-0  -  FREEBSD-6-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-6-0  -  FREEBSD-5-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-5-0  -  FREEBSD-4-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-3-STABLE  -  FREEBSD22  -  l41  -  OPENBSD  -  linux-2.6  -  MK84  -  PLAN9  -  xnu-8792 
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252 definition(s) of enum type

CX28975_API_commands CX28975_acknoledge_status_codes CX28975_status_commands
I430commands I430events I430states
NPmode Q921_events Q921_states
Q931_events Q931_states State
_pdq_boolean_t _pdq_state_t _pdq_type_t
acpi_sleep_state agp_acquire_state alias_tcp_state
asm_cmpltr_class asm_cmpltr_type asm_fmt
asm_op asm_oper_type asm_unit
atm_attribute atm_bus atm_device
atm_error atm_media atm_vendapi
atm_vendor atmop atmstate
awi_sub_state beepstate busTypes
call_sig call_state call_type
capi_b_state capi_c_state card_event
cardstate cm_share_disposition cmd
comptype conn_sig conn_state
coord_sig cpu_class cu_stat
dc_status digi_board_status digi_model
dot3Vendors dpt_immediate_cmd dpt_message
dup_type efi_reset eisa_device_ivars
esource fd_drivetype fdc_device_ivars
fdc_states fdc_type filehdr_flags
fore_aal framing ftp_message_type
function_mask gbus_device_ivars h_kind
hid_kind i4bisppp_states ibfoo_id
ie_hardware ieee80211_authmode ieee80211_opmode
ieee80211_phymode ieee80211_phytype ieee80211_protmode
ieee80211_radiotap_type ieee80211_roamingmode ieee80211_state
ing_states interface_type intr_polarity
intr_trigger intr_type iobus_ivars
ipfw_opcodes ipr_states isa_device_ivars
kbdc_device_ivar kft_dev_ivars ksched_op
legacy_device_ivars mca_device_ivars mcbus_device_instvars
md_types nbstate ncp_argtype
ndis_classid ndis_interface_type ndis_interrupt_mode
ndis_media_state ndis_medium ndis_parm_type
ndis_perpkt_info nexus_device_ivars nexus_ivars
ng_parse_token obj_type ops_t
party_sig party_state pci_device_ivars
pcib_device_ivars pcic_intr_way pdu_type
pmc_caps pmc_class pmc_cputype
pmc_dbgparse_state pmc_disp pmc_event
pmc_flags pmc_mode pmc_ops
pmc_p4escr pmc_p4pmc pmc_state
pmclog_type poll_cmd ppp_phase
puc_device_ivars radeon_chip_flags radeon_cp_microcode_version
radeon_family reinit_reason reiserfs_mount_options
respond_sig rman_type saal_sig
savage_family sbni_reg sbus_device_ivars
scnhdr_flags smb_dialects smbiod_state
smbrq_state sopt_dir sscfu_state
sscop_aasig sscop_maasig sscop_sigtype
sscop_state sscop_vers start_sig
state states sysinit_elem_order
sysinit_sub_id tiger_pib_regs_defs tiger_reg_bits
tiger_regs tlsb_device_instvars uftdi_type
uio_rw uio_seg uni_aal
uni_aal1_cbr uni_aal1_ecm uni_aal1_screc
uni_aal1_subtype uni_aal_sscs uni_addr_plan
uni_addr_pres uni_addr_screen uni_addr_type
uni_bearer_atc uni_bearer_cfg uni_bearer_class
uni_bearer_clip uni_bhli uni_blli_l2
uni_blli_l2_mode uni_blli_l3 uni_blli_l3_mode
uni_blli_l3_mux uni_blli_l3_psiz uni_blli_l3_tcap
uni_blli_l3_ttype uni_callstate uni_cause
uni_cause_class uni_cause_cond uni_cause_loc
uni_cause_na uni_cause_pu uni_cause_reason
uni_coding uni_config_mask uni_connid_assoc
uni_connid_type uni_crankback uni_cscope
uni_diag uni_epstate uni_exqos_origin
uni_git_std uni_git_type uni_ieact
uni_ierr_type uni_ietype uni_lij_idtype
uni_lij_screen uni_msgact uni_msgtype
uni_option uni_popt uni_proto
uni_qos uni_repeat_type uni_report
uni_restart_type uni_sig uni_soft_sel
uni_subaddr_type uni_traffic_class uni_vers
unimem unisve_tag upd7210_rreg
upd7210_wreg user_state val_t
vatmpif_aal vatmpif_traffic_type verify
vtype xdr_op zfreeskip

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