The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System, Second Edition
Now available: The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System (Second Edition)

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FreeBSD/Linux Kernel Cross Reference

Version: -  FREEBSD  -  FREEBSD-12-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-12-0  -  FREEBSD-11-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-11-2  -  FREEBSD-11-1  -  FREEBSD-11-0  -  FREEBSD-10-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-10-4  -  FREEBSD-10-3  -  FREEBSD-10-2  -  FREEBSD-10-1  -  FREEBSD-10-0  -  FREEBSD-9-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-9-3  -  FREEBSD-9-2  -  FREEBSD-9-1  -  FREEBSD-9-0  -  FREEBSD-8-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-8-4  -  FREEBSD-8-3  -  FREEBSD-8-2  -  FREEBSD-8-1  -  FREEBSD-8-0  -  FREEBSD-7-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-7-4  -  FREEBSD-7-3  -  FREEBSD-7-2  -  FREEBSD-7-1  -  FREEBSD-7-0  -  FREEBSD-6-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-6-4  -  FREEBSD-6-3  -  FREEBSD-6-2  -  FREEBSD-6-1  -  FREEBSD-6-0  -  FREEBSD-5-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-5-5  -  FREEBSD-5-4  -  FREEBSD-5-3  -  FREEBSD-5-2  -  FREEBSD-5-1  -  FREEBSD-5-0  -  FREEBSD-4-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-3-STABLE  -  FREEBSD22  -  linux-2.6  -  linux-2.4.22  -  MK83  -  MK84  -  PLAN9  -  DFBSD  -  NETBSD  -  NETBSD5  -  NETBSD4  -  NETBSD3  -  NETBSD20  -  OPENBSD  -  xnu-517  -  xnu-792  -  xnu-792.6.70  -  xnu-1228  -  xnu-1456.1.26  -  xnu-1699.24.8  -  xnu-2050.18.24  -  OPENSOLARIS  -  minix-3-1-1 
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340 definition(s) of enum type

AR5312PowerMode AcpiAsfType AcpiDmarScopeType
AcpiDmarType AcpiEinjActions AcpiEinjInstructions
AcpiErstActions AcpiErstInstructions AcpiExDebuggerCommands
AcpiHestNotifyTypes AcpiHestTypes AcpiIbftType
AcpiMadtType AcpiPreferedPmProfiles AcpiSratType
AcpiWdatActions AcpiWdatInstructions ArchitectureOps
CPL_error CPL_opcode ConsoleOps
I430commands I430events I430states
MemoryManagerOps NPmode Q921_events
Q921_states Q931_events Q931_states
_MPT_INTR_REQ_BITS _pdq_boolean_t _pdq_state_t
_pdq_type_t ac97_host_flags acpi_address_range_id
adb_system_e agp_acquire_state anode_type
aps_sensors arckbd_state arm_coprocs
asm_cmpltr_class asm_cmpltr_type asm_fmt
asm_op asm_oper_type asm_unit
atu_radio_type atw_bbptype atw_revision
atw_rftype auth_event awi_sub_state
bitmap_flag_bits bitmap_flags bus_type
bustype bustypes caller
capi_b_state capi_c_state cio_regs
cm_share_disposition colormap_type config_hook_mode
console_type controller_channel cpu_class
cs428x_flags datasize dbc_pwm_params
dbc_sensor_type dc_status deviter_flags
devpmflags direction dmac_channel
dmode_flag_bits dmode_flags drm_ctx_flags
drm_dma_flags drm_lock_flags drm_map_flags
drm_map_type drm_stat_type drm_vblank_seq_type
drm_via_irqs ec_state_t eco_state
efi_reset ehci_pci_quirk_flags emul_level
envsys_battery_capacity_states envsys_drive_states envsys_states
envsys_units esm_quirk_flags fd_format
fd_parttypes fdc_bits fdc_state
fdformat_result fe_type frame_numbers
framefsmstate frameresult fst_form
fst_ret fstrans_lock_type fstrans_state
fstype function_group_type function_mask
fw_version_type getmod_flag gfe_hash_op
gfe_rxprio gfe_txprio gfe_whack_op
gre_msg gre_state grfunits
gs_crt_type gvpbusflags gvpbusprod
hashtype hd64461_module_id hd64461pcmcia_event_type
hd64461video_display_mode hd64465_module_id hd64465pcmcia_event_type
hdaudio_pindir hdaudio_stream_type heart_beat
hid_kind hsk_lines i4bisppp_states
i82596_types ie_hardware ieee80211_authmode
ieee80211_node_walk_state ieee80211_opmode ieee80211_phymode
ieee80211_phytype ieee80211_protmode ieee80211_radiotap_type
ieee80211_roamingmode ieee80211_state imagine_family
in_category intc_channel intel_chip_family
interface_type intio_map_flag io
ipl_type ipr_states isv_state
ite_arraymaxs ite_attr ite_cursact
ite_flags ite_max_getsize ite_modifiers
ite_replrules ite_scrolldir ite_special_keycodes
kauth_device_req kauth_network_req kauth_process_req
kauth_system_req lace_frame_numbers lacp_mux_state
lacp_selected lp_state lpt_mode_t
maptypes mb_devices mediabay_controller
memerr_type memory_window_16 memory_window_32
memory_window_mode mfi_iop mod_types
mode_type mowner_counter_index mpt_req_state
ms nbstate ndis_classid
ndis_interface_type ndis_interrupt_mode ndis_media_state
ndis_medium ndis_parm_type ndis_perpkt_info
njsc32_reselstat nouveau_bus_type nouveau_card_type
nouveau_flags npx_type opcode_flags
palette_status pcmcia_voltage pfi_kif_refs
pgstatus pipe pl2303_type
plumpcmcia_event_type pmf_flags pms_type
pow_status power_change ppp_phase
puffs_sopreqtype quad_frame_numbers radeon_chip_flags
radeon_cp_microcode_version radeon_family record_type
regrecord_type reloc_type rtas_func
rtw_access rtw_attach_state rtw_locale
rtw_pwrstate rtw_rfchipid rump_uiorw
rx_state savage_family sbd_machine_type
sbobio_device_type sbscd_device_type sbus_irq
sc_state scoop_card scsi_ctron_ether_media
seeq_variant sensors sge_context_type
sip_attach_stage sis_family sizes
smb_dialects smbiod_state smbrq_state
sme_description_types spd_slot sram_unit_flag_bits
sram_unit_flags state states
sti_bmove_funcs tab_size toetype
ts102_opcode ttysigtype tu_state
tx_attach_order tx_chipset tx_state
txio_group ucbadc_state ucbsnd_state
ucbts_stat uftdi_type uio_rw
uio_seg utoppy_state v4l2_buf_type
v4l2_colorspace v4l2_ctrl_type v4l2_field
v4l2_memory v4l2_priority v4l2_tuner_type
vactype vbl_node_bits via_family
video_color_primaries video_control_id video_control_type
video_frame_interval_type video_gamma_function video_interlace_fields_per_sample
video_interlace_packing video_interlace_pattern video_interlace_presence
video_matrix_coeff video_pixel_format video_stream_method
view_flag_bits view_flags view_unit_flag_bits
view_unit_flags vlb_node_flags vrdsiu_mouse_stat
vrdsiu_ps2_input_state vrip_iochip vrip_unit_id
vrpiu_adstat vrpiu_tpstat vtagtype
vtype which_clock which_reg
wsdisplay_resetops wsemul_resetops wttype
x68k_powerswitch xbdi_proto xen_elfnote_type
xenbus_state xfer_action xgi_batch_type
xgi_mem_location xs_watch_type xsd_sockmsg_type

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