The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System, Second Edition
Now available: The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System (Second Edition)

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FreeBSD/Linux Kernel Cross Reference

Version: -  FREEBSD  -  FREEBSD-12-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-12-0  -  FREEBSD-11-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-11-2  -  FREEBSD-11-1  -  FREEBSD-11-0  -  FREEBSD-10-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-10-4  -  FREEBSD-10-3  -  FREEBSD-10-2  -  FREEBSD-10-1  -  FREEBSD-10-0  -  FREEBSD-9-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-9-3  -  FREEBSD-9-2  -  FREEBSD-9-1  -  FREEBSD-9-0  -  FREEBSD-8-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-8-4  -  FREEBSD-8-3  -  FREEBSD-8-2  -  FREEBSD-8-1  -  FREEBSD-8-0  -  FREEBSD-7-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-7-4  -  FREEBSD-7-3  -  FREEBSD-7-2  -  FREEBSD-7-1  -  FREEBSD-7-0  -  FREEBSD-6-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-6-4  -  FREEBSD-6-3  -  FREEBSD-6-2  -  FREEBSD-6-1  -  FREEBSD-6-0  -  FREEBSD-5-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-5-5  -  FREEBSD-5-4  -  FREEBSD-5-3  -  FREEBSD-5-2  -  FREEBSD-5-1  -  FREEBSD-5-0  -  FREEBSD-4-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-3-STABLE  -  FREEBSD22  -  linux-2.6  -  linux-2.4.22  -  MK83  -  MK84  -  PLAN9  -  DFBSD  -  NETBSD  -  NETBSD5  -  NETBSD4  -  NETBSD3  -  NETBSD20  -  OPENBSD  -  xnu-517  -  xnu-792  -  xnu-792.6.70  -  xnu-1228  -  xnu-1456.1.26  -  xnu-1699.24.8  -  xnu-2050.18.24  -  OPENSOLARIS  -  minix-3-1-1 
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371 definition(s) of structure

AQueue AckPkt Alarms
Algorithm Aoedev Arb
Arp Arpent BD
Bankmap Bases Bhdr
Block Bridge Bt848
Buf CScreen Cache
Caphash Card Cardbus
Cc Ccb Centry
Chan Chip CipherRc4
Cisdat Client Cmdbuf
Cmdtab CodeData Conf
Confdata Confmem Conv
Ctlio Ctlr Cursor3dfx
Cursor546x CursorNM Cursorinfo
D DImage DMA
DMAport DMAxfer DName
DS DScreen Dev
DevConf Dir Dirlist
Dirtab Draw Dre
Drive Dsa Dstate
Dtcc Ecache Ecapio
Ed Edbgio Edf
Edma Edpool Egrp
Elemlist Emap Encalg
Eopio Ep Esp4hdr
Esp6hdr Espcb Esphdr
Esppriv Esprc4 Esptail
Ether Etherarp Etherhdr
Etherparam Etherpkt Etherrock
Evalue Events Extent
FCC FCCextra FCCparam
FChar FController FDrive
FP1 FP2 FPart
FPsave FType Fgrp
Flash FlashAlg FlashRegion
Fmt Frag Fraghdr6
Fragment4 Fragment6 FragmentTable
Frame FrameHeader Fs
Fsdev GPIOregs GREpriv
Gcb Globalseg Gpclkregs
Hashalg Hcca Hci
Hciimpl Hcitype Hdr
HdrFragment Hole Hostparams
Huff Hwcpu Hwdsr
Hwrpb I82365 I8253
IOCparam IOMap IOstate
ISAConf Iblock Icmppriv
Image Imap Inner
Intrregs Iostats Ip4hdr
Ip6hdr Ipfrag Iphash
Iphdr Ipht Ipifc
Iplifc Iplink Ipmcast
Ipmulti Ipmux Ipmuxrock
Ipself Ipselftab Irqconfig
Isoio Itd Kbscan
LB Label Limbo
Link Lock Log
Logflag Loop MCCparam
MCPregs Mach Mach64types
Map Mbox24 Mbox32
Mcheck Mdata Mdir
Medium MemConfRegs Method
Mhead Mnt Mntcache
Mntrpc Mntstats Mntwalk
Mount Mouseinfo Mousestate
Mtrreg Mtrrop Myip4hdr
NdiscC Ndpkt Netaddr
Netdevrock Netfile Netif
Netlog Note Notsave
OSTimerRegs OWaitmsg Ohci
OneWay Opthdr PCArch
PCB PCMconftab PCMmap
PCMslot PMMU PPCregs
Page Palloc Pallocmem
Path Pcidev Pcisiz
Pcminfo Perf Pgrp
PhysUart Physseg Pipe
Plan9ini Pnp Poll
Pool Port PowerRegs
Prd Private PrmFCC
PrmSCC Proc Proto
Pte QLock Qh
Qhpool Qid Qio
Qtree Queue RMap
RWlock Raven Ref
Refresh Refx Regs
Reliable Rendez Reseq
ResetRegs Rgrp Ring
Route RouteTree Router
Routerparams Routewalk Routinghdr
Rtc Rudpcb Rudphdr
Rudppriv Rudpstats Rx
RxDesc SCC SCCparam
SDev SDifc SDpart
SDperm SDreq SDunit
SPI SSPregs Sargs
Saturnuart Schedq Sdp
Secret Segdesc Segment
Sema Sitd Slot
Smc91xx Srb Srv
Stats Tcp Tcp4hdr
Tcp6hdr Tcpctl Tcphdr
Tcppriv Tcptimer Td
Tdpool Tfile Tfs
ThwBlock Thwack Timer
Timers TlsErrs TlsRec
Tripinfo Tuner Tv
Tx TxDesc Uart
Uartregs Uartsmc Udev
Udp4hdr Udp6hdr Udpcb
Udphdr Udppriv Udpstats
UnthwBlock Unthwack Userhdr
V4route V6route VGAcur
VGAdev VGAscr Variant
Vctl Vmware WFrame
WKey WScan WStats
Waitmsg Waitq Walkqid
Watchdog Wltv X86type
Xalloc Xhdr na_patch
v6params v6router

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