The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System, Second Edition
Now available: The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System (Second Edition)

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FreeBSD/Linux Kernel Cross Reference

Version: -  FREEBSD  -  FREEBSD-13-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-13-0  -  FREEBSD-12-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-12-0  -  FREEBSD-11-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-11-0  -  FREEBSD-10-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-10-0  -  FREEBSD-9-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-9-0  -  FREEBSD-8-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-8-0  -  FREEBSD-7-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-7-0  -  FREEBSD-6-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-6-0  -  FREEBSD-5-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-5-0  -  FREEBSD-4-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-3-STABLE  -  FREEBSD22  -  l41  -  OPENBSD  -  linux-2.6  -  MK84  -  PLAN9  -  xnu-8792 
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227 definition(s) of typedef

ARGS Bitchunk_t DIR
Dev_t Ether_type_t FILE
I16_t I32_t I8_t
Ino_t Nlink_t RGS
Tcpport_t U16_t U32_t
U8_t Udpport_t WINDOW
Zone1_t _PROTOTYPE _c
_mnx_Gid_t _mnx_Mode_t _mnx_Uid_t
_mnx_size_t acc acc_t
arp_cache_t arp_port_t asynchio_t
bios_env_t bit_t bitchunk_t
block_t bool bool_t
buf_t buff_t byte
caddr_t cc_t clock_t
config_t console_t d1_inode
d2_inode dev_t dhcp_t
div_t dns_hdr_t dp_conf_t
dp_rcvhdr_t dpeth dpeth_t
ec_conf_t environment eth_hdr_t
eth_port_t eth_stat_t ether_addr_t
ether_card_t ether_type_t ev_arg_t
event_t fd_mask fd_set
fpos_t fxp_t get_userdata_t
gid_t i16_t i32_t
i64_t i8_t icmp_hdr_t
icmp_id_seq_t icmp_ip_id_t icmp_mtu_t
icmp_pp_t icmp_ram_t in_addr_t
in_port_t ino_t int_fast16_t
int_fast32_t int_fast64_t int_fast8_t
int_least16_t int_least32_t int_least64_t
int_least8_t intmax_t intptr_t
ioreq_t iovec_dat_t iovec_t
ip_ass_t ip_fd_t ip_hdr_t
ip_hdropt_t ip_port_t ipaddr_t
ipproto_t iroute_hash_t iroute_t
irq_hook irq_hook_t irq_id_t
irq_policy_t jmp_buf keymap_t
ldiv_t m_hdr_t memory
mess_1 mess_2 mess_3
mess_4 mess_5 mess_7
mess_8 message mode_t
mq_t nettype_t nlink_t
nwio_arp_t nwio_ethopt_t nwio_ethstat_t
nwio_ipconf2_t nwio_ipconf_t nwio_ipopt_t
nwio_psipopt_t nwio_route_t nwio_tcpatt_t
nwio_tcpcl_t nwio_tcpconf_t nwio_tcpopt_t
nwio_udpopt_t obs_t off_t
oroute_t ort_t osdep_eth_port_t
phys_bytes phys_clicks pid_t
port_t proc_nr_t psip_fd_t
psip_io_hdr_t ptrdiff_t pty_t
pvb_pair_t pvl_pair_t pvw_pair_t
rd_keyinstance re_t reg_t
regex_t regexp regmatch_t
regoff_t rip_entry_t rip_hdr_t
rs232_t sa_family_t sha2_byte
sha2_word32 sha2_word64 sig_atomic_t
sigjmp_buf sigset_t size_t
socklen_t speed_t sr_fd_t
ssize_t swap_hdr_t sys_id_t
sys_map_t tcflag_t tcp_conn_t
tcp_cookie_t tcp_fd_t tcp_hdr_t
tcp_hdropt_t tcp_port_t tcpport_t
time_t timer timer_t
tmr_arg_t token tp
tty_t u16_t u32_t
u64_t u8_t udp_fd_t
udp_hdr_t udp_io_hdr_t udp_port_t
udpport_t uid_t uint_fast16_t
uint_fast32_t uint_fast64_t uint_fast8_t
uint_least16_t uint_least32_t uint_least64_t
uint_least8_t uintmax_t useconds_t
va_list vector vir_bytes
vir_clicks vlan_hdr_t wchar_t
word16 word32 word8
zone1_t zone_t

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