The Design and Implementation of the FreeBSD Operating System, Second Edition
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FreeBSD/Linux Kernel Cross Reference

Version: -  FREEBSD  -  FREEBSD-13-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-13-0  -  FREEBSD-12-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-12-0  -  FREEBSD-11-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-11-0  -  FREEBSD-10-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-10-0  -  FREEBSD-9-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-9-0  -  FREEBSD-8-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-8-0  -  FREEBSD-7-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-7-0  -  FREEBSD-6-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-6-0  -  FREEBSD-5-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-5-0  -  FREEBSD-4-STABLE  -  FREEBSD-3-STABLE  -  FREEBSD22  -  l41  -  OPENBSD  -  linux-2.6  -  MK84  -  PLAN9  -  xnu-8792 
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164 definition(s) of union type

GmdgD3 VIA_ACE_CW _ia64_fpreg
aac_AifJobClient aac_statrequest aapa
acpi_battery_ioctl_arg acpi_parse_object active_open_entry
ahc_bus_softc amr_ccb asr_ccb
auditon_udata authctx bgn
bootsector bxe_db_prod bxe_host_hc_status_block
bxe_stats_show_data ccb cd_mode_data_6_10
cd_pages cdu_context ciss_device_address
cma_ip_addr coda_downcalls des_block
desc_value descriptor disk_pages
drm_savage_cmd_header drm_wait_vblank drv_info_to_mcp
dscrptr e1000_adv_rx_desc e1000_adv_tx_desc
e1000_rx_desc_extended e1000_rx_desc_packet_split ecore_classification_ramrod_data
ecore_exe_queue_cmd_data ecore_exeq_comp_elem ecore_mcast_config_data
ecore_qable_obj eth_classify_rule_cmd eth_mac_addr_or_tunnel_data
eth_ramrod_data eth_rx_cqe eth_sgl_or_raw_data
eth_specific_data eth_tx_bd_types event_data
event_ring_elem fcoe_comp_flow_info fcoe_idx16_field_union
fcoe_kcqe_params fcoe_kwqe fcoe_rx_wr_union_ctx
fcoe_sgl_union_ctx fcoe_tx_wr_rx_rd_union_ctx fcoe_u_tce_tx_wr_rx_rd_union
fcoe_vlan_field_union fcoe_vlan_vif_field_union fileinfo
fw_encap fw_self_id ib_gid
icb ich8_hws_flash_ctrl ich8_hws_flash_regacc
ich8_hws_flash_status ieee80211_information ieee_double_u
ieee_single_u igu_consprod_reg init_op
initiator_data inot_private_data inputArgs
ins_formats ipdu_u ipx_host
ipx_net ipx_net_u iscsi_kcqe_params
iscsi_kwqe iscsi_pdu_headers_little_endian ixgbe_adv_rx_desc
ixgbe_adv_tx_desc l_semun l_sigval
l_util linux_cdrom_addr listen_entry
mac_stats match_pattern match_result
mcp_pso_or_cumlen mfi_bbu_status_detail mfi_frame
mfi_mpi2_reply_descriptor mfi_mpi2_request_descriptor mfi_statrequest
mly_command_address mly_command_packet mly_command_transfer
mly_devinfo mly_health_region mly_ioctl_devconfinfo
mly_ioctl_param mly_status_packet msf_lba
msrinfo mterrstat nb_tran
nd_opts nethostaddr nfs_quadconvert
nfsfh opcode_tid outputArgs
packet padlock_cw patch_val
pccard_funce pdu pf_rule_ptr
pmc_md_op_pmcallocate pmc_md_pmc pmclog_entry
ppb_insarg protocol_common_specific_data q_util
qualhack sa_route_union savefpu
sc_statep sc_tdb_statep sctp_notification
sctp_sockstore semun semun32
semun_old seqno sigval
sigval32 slist_header sockaddr_union
sockunion t3_wr t3_wrid
tag_TAU32_tsc toe_ramrod_data toe_rx_cqe_data_union
toe_spe_data tw_cl_command_7k twe_statrequest
udf_pmap uni_ieall uni_msgall
uniapi_all uniq uu
vm_map_object xstorm_ip_context_section_types

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